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The other day my granddaughter, Mina, went photographing around Blackfellows Lake, not far from her home, for a school project. Doubtless you'll agree that she's captured the landscape with power as her image tells the story of the demise of this grand old tree.

The strength of the image comes from the use in the composition of line, form, texture, perspective, colour and a unique viewpoint.

Added to those elements of composition is the story that Mina's digital photo tells: a story of the life and death of a giant of Blackfellows Lake.

A shallow, salt water lagoon Blackfellows Lake extends about a kilometre and a half and branches off the Bega River, maybe eight or 10 kilometres upstream from it's mouth at Mogareeka.

Looking into the surrounding bush, there are some large eucalypt trees but none come anywhere near the stature of this long time survivor that has finally succumbed to old age, stress or a mixture of both.

I remember this tree from 25 years ago.

Here are more photos from Mina's photo shoot at Blackfellows Lake

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