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Burra, in southern South Australia, started out it's white man history as a sheep grazing area. Soon, a pastoralist found copper and so copper mining became the purpose and lifeblood of the Burra district. These days, Burra is a wheat and sheep area.

Looking around town, the prosperous past of Burra soon becomes obvious. So many of the original stone buildings still stand, many of them used for their original purpose while others have become part of the strong and growing history tourism industry.

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Such great examples of grand architecture! Buildings designed and erected with a view to the future!

Of course, around town, and to a greater extent, out of town, there are buildings that haven't stood up to aging so well and have been left to deteriorate.

My photographic interest, strange though it may seem, isn't so much with the grandeur of the large stone churches, the town hall or the telegraph office. My interest lies in the old homesteads, stockmen's huts, the little rural church, shearing sheds and whatever I find that tells a story of life and hardship in a harsh environment in a time long gone.