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Well, I got out to Lake Torrens to photograph the salt encrustation. Actually, Lake Torrens at this point, and most places, isn't all that salty. It's more like a light pink coloured crust of dried, salty mud, stretching into the distant mirage with the Flinders Ranges in the background, rising above the shimmering illusion of water.

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Well, I'm camped in the kitchen and mess room of the shearer's quarters on Pernatty Station, having camped in better and camped in worse.

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Fireweed is out of control and taking over parts of the Little Desert National Park in the Wimmera district of Victoria. Fireweed seems to have beaten the DSE. That is, the DSE seems to have given up trying to combat Fireweed in the Little Desert National Park.

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Burra, in southern South Australia, started out it's white man history as a sheep grazing area. Soon, a pastoralist found copper and so copper mining became the purpose and lifeblood of the Burra district. These days, Burra is a wheat and sheep area.

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Beside the road between Roxby Downs and Andamooka was a sizable field of Sturt's Desert Pea (Swainsona Formosa), blooming sparsely among the native grass and other low growing plants.

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The small opal mining town of Andamooka in outback South Australia is surrounded by huge heaps of overburden from the open cut opal mining. In many cases, homes are interspersed with the mines.

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Today we took a leisurely drive around the streets and opal diggings of Andamooka in outback South Australia.

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What a great tour we had today of four working opal mines in Andamooka!

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Well, today we got amongst the salt of Lake Torrens, a national park in the Northern Pastoral region of South Australia.

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In 1862, John McDouall Stuart successfully crossed the Australian continent from Adelaide to Darwin without loss of life. In doing so he accomplished his own long standing ambition of discovery and surveyed the route for the overland telegraph which, via an undersea cable, linked Australia with England.