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We camped a couple of nights at White Cliffs and did some of the obligatory tourist things that one does in White Cliffs, New South Wales (NSW). Returning from one of our walks, we stumbled upon this bearded dragon with the scientific name Pogona vitticeps.

Lake Mungo in Willandra Lakes Heritage Area, NSW, is recognized as a significant archeological site on the world scene. The oldest eroded strata of sedimentary deposits has been dated at around 60,000 years, with evidence of human habitation in the newer strata dating back around 30,000 years.

Here is a Google map of my proposed trip route during late May and early June 2011 on Arcoona and Andamooka stations in outback South Australia.

Lake Richardson is on Arcoona Station in outback South Australia. Usually a dry, salt lake, the good rains in this part of the outback over the past year or so have left Lake Richardson with a fair bit of water, enough to have drawn several varieties of water birds including black swans.