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Subtlety pervaded the light, the colours and the tones as the first gentle illumination of morning dawned on the freshly fallen snow.

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The biting cold wind accompanied by Kosciuszko snow scuds brought pain to my fingers as I carried an aluminium tripod over my shoulder with a heavy camera mounted. The fresh, powdery snow was quite dry so my feet didn't get wet and cold; that made it bearable. One hand in a pocket at a time helped too.

View Map - Snow Mount Selwyn, Three Mile Dam, Kosciuszko National Park in a larger map

Wilderness Photography of the Kosciuszko snow revealed the harsh environment in a most unpleasant state for comfort and well being. Yet it looked so enticing, drawing me further from safety and warmth and begging questions of what's around the corner, over the rise, behind the scrub?